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World News Videos: Get the latest international news & watch breaking world news videos from across the globe on editorji. Our world news headlines cover politics, crime, celebrity and sports.




Watch: Bill Gates turns chef to make Indian rotis2/3/2023

Billionaire Bill Gates is going viral for making rotis. In a video shared by popular food blogger Eitan Bernath, the Microsoft co-founder is seen toiling to make the perfect chapati. Bernath who learnt making rotis from Bihar with the help of women from "Didi Ki Rasoi" canteens, is seen teaching Gates to make chapatis step-by-step. The video shows Gates making rotis from scratch. From kneading dough to cooking the final product, the philanthropist impresses everyone with his culinary skills....


India-made eyedrops recalled after 55 infections, 1 death in US2/3/2023

An Indian company has recalled its eyedrops from the US after the country's health regulator said the medicine could be linked to 55 infections across 12 states and 1 death. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Ezricare Artificial Tears eye drops could be contaminated with a drug-resistant bacteria that have been linked to reports of permanent vision loss and bloodstream infection. The CDC is testing samples of eyedrops that are made in India by Chennai-based Global...


Pakistan: mosque of minority Ahmadi community attacked in Karachi; men break minarets, domes with hammers2/3/2023

Yet another incident of sectarian violence was reported from Pakistan. A mosque of the Ahmadi community was attacked in Karachi on 3 February 2023, according to reports. Unverified visuals shared on social media showed some men climbing the facade of the mosque using ladders. Then they proceed to break domes and minarets of the mosque with hammers. The mosque is located in Hashoo Market of Karachi. Members of the far-right outfit Tehreek-e-Labbaik are suspected of carrying out the attack, as...


Watch: carcass of 35-foot humpback whale washes on New York beach2/3/2023

Carcass of a male humpback whale measuring about 35-feet long has been found at a New York beach. A viral video shows the dead whale after it was washed offshore at Lido Beach in Long Island. An official claimed that it was the biggest whale they had come across in 10 years. The whale was found offshore of Hemstead town on January 30, and the viral video has left the internet buzzing over its size. As per a BBC report, more than 14 whales have washed up on US shores since December 2022. The...


China reacts to spy balloon allegation by USA, says verifying reports2/3/2023

China on 3 February 2023 reacted to allegations by America that a giant Chinese spy balloon was flying in US airspace. The Xi Jinping government said that China has no intention to violate the territory of other nations as it is a "responsible country" and abides by international laws. Beijing is verifying the situation, a government spokesperson said. The official said that "speculation and sensationalising" without clear understanding of facts is "unhelpful". The US government on 2...


In a fresh setback for the Adani Group, S&P Dow Jones Indices said that Adani Enterprises would be removed from sustainability indices. Reports regarding the decision came on 3 February 2023, a day after three Adani group companies were put under short-term additional surveillance measure (ASM) framework of the BSE and NSE. Adani Enterprises would be removed from the sustainability indices from 7 February. S&P Dow Jones cited "media and stakeholder analysis triggered by allegations of stock...


US lawmakers oppose Indias subsidies on wheat, rice, sugar with legislation push, pressure on Biden2/2/2023

India's agricultural policies are under attack in the United States of America with US lawmakers objecting to subsidies provided on many Indian produce. Two American lawmakers have introduced a legislation in the House of Representatives against sugar subsidies given by many countries including India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and the European Union. The lawmakers alleged that dumping of cheap sugar subsidised by other countries threatens American farmers. Meanwhile, a prominent Senator spoke...


USA: Chinese spy balloon flying over American airspace causes alarm, President Joe Biden briefed2/2/2023

A threat alert was sounded in USA as an alleged Chinese spy balloon was spotted over American airspace. The Pentagon on 2 February 2023 said that the government was tracking the high-altitude surveillance balloon which is as big as 3 buses. Officials said that immediate action was taken to prevent collection of sensitive information by the balloon. "NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) continues to track and monitor it closely," Pentagon Spokesman Brigadier Gen Pat Ryder told...


Watch: during arrest, Pakistan ex-minister smokes cigar amid trouble over plot to kill Imran Khan claim2/2/2023

Following the arrest of former Pakistan minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the Opposition leader was seen smoking a cigar as police escorted him in handcuffs. The chief of the Awami Muslim League (AML) held his hands aloft to let supporters and media see his bound hands. The former interior minister, who is a close ally of ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan, was arrested in the early hours of 2 February 2023. Police arrested Ahmed on a complaint that on 27 January, he accused Pakistan People's Party...


These four Indian-Americans have been appointed in key US House committees2/2/2023

Four prominent Indian-American lawmakers -- Pramila Jayapal, Ami Bera, Raja Krishnamoorthi and Ro Khanna-- have been appointed members of three key House panels, reflecting the growing influence of the community in US politics. Congresswoman Jayapal has been named Ranking Member of the powerful House Judiciary Committee’s panel on Immigration, making her the first immigrant to serve in a leadership role for the subcommittee. Jayapal, 57, representing the 7th Congressional District of...


Pollution spike in Thailand: air quality 6th worst in the world2/2/2023

Amid rising pollution levels, Thailand authorities have asked people to stay indoors. Media reports suggest that there has been a massive spike in air pollution in the capital city of Bangkok and neighbouring provinces, which has prompted the government to intensify efforts to curb pollution. Authorities have asked working professionals to work from home, while for school children, advisories have been issued to avoid outdoor activities. The exacerbating pollution level has caused smog...


Couple abandons baby at airport check-in to catch flight. Heres why2/2/2023

In a bizarre incident, a couple abandoned their baby at an airport check-in counter after arriving without a ticket for the little one. According to CNN, the January 31 incident took place at Israel's Tel Aviv airport. The couple frantically headed-off to board the flight for Brussels, leaving their child at the check-in counter, an airport official told CNN. Israeli Airport Authority also confirmed the development saying that the infant was left behind by the couple in the hurry to reach...


Baby weighing 7 kg born in Brazil. Heres what can cause macrosomia2/2/2023

A mother in Brazil recently gave birth to a two-foot-tall baby weighing 16lb (7.3kg). Angerson Santos was born via caesarean section at Hospital Padre Colombo in Parintins, Amazonas State. Angerson eclipsed the heaviest baby girl on record, who was 15lb (6.8kg) when she was born in 2016, but neither come close to the heaviest baby on record, who tipped the scales at a whopping 22lb 8oz (10.2kg), in Italy in 1955. To put this in perspective, newborn boys typically weigh 7lb 6oz (3.3kg) and...


At least 3 killed after latest Russian onslaught in Ukraines Kramatorsk2/2/2023

A Russian missile destroyed an apartment building and damaged seven others in the eastern Donetsk provincial city of Kramatorsk late Wednesday. Rescuers scoured piles of broken concrete on Thursday morning. Police said the attack killed at least three people and wounded at least 20. Rescuers were searching the rubble for other victims and survivors. Russia has frequently attacked apartment buildings during the war, causing civilian casualties, although the Kremlin often denies such reports.


Iranian couple sentenced to over 10 years in prison for viral dancing video2/2/2023

An Iranian court has handed jail sentences of over 10 years each to a young couple who danced in front of one of Tehran's main landmarks, activists said on Tuesday. Astiyazh Haghighi and her fiance Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, both in their early 20s, had been arrested in early November after a video went viral of them dancing romantically in front of the capital's Azadi Tower. Haghighi did not wear a headscarf in defiance of the Islamic republic's strict rules for women, while women are also not...


Need a break? This city is giving 500,000 free flights tickets2/2/2023

There is good news for people who are looking for a plan before their office leaves get collaped. Hong Kong is giving away air tickets and vouchers to woo tourists back to the international financial hub.John Lee, Cheif Executive of Hong Kong launched a tourism campaign “Hello Hong Kong,” saying the city will offer 500,000 free air tickets to welcome tourists from around the world in what he called “probably the world's biggest welcome ever”. Hong Kong received 56 million visitors in 2019 —...


Watch: rare green comet makes first appearance in 50,000 years2/2/2023

Comet ZTF, which last flew past Earth about 50,000 years ago, made an appearance on January 29. Popuarly known as 'green comet', it came closest to Earth on February 1. Scientists had predicted its arrival between January 29- February 1, and the comet has been seen in different parts of the world. Social media is flooded with astonishing visuals of the green comet captured in different time zones. According to NASA, the comet appears green due to presence of diatomic carbon, which emits...


No classified documents found during FBI search at Joe Bidens home, claims US Presidents attorney2/2/2023

The White House Counsel's office says the FBI searched President Joe Biden's vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday without finding any classified documents. Agents did take some handwritten notes and other materials relating to Biden's time as vice president for review. The search, disclosed by Biden's personal lawyer, was the latest discomfiting moment for a president who has sought to contrast his sensitivity to rule-following with that of his predecessor Donald Trump,...


Pakistan: ex-interior minister arrested; Sheikh Rashid Ahmed says targeted for being Imran Khans ally2/2/2023

In what could spark a fresh face-off between the Pakistan government and former Prime Minister Imran Khan, a former interior minister of the country was arrested on 2 February 2023. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, chief of the Awami Muslim League (AML) and a close ally of Imran Khan, has been accused of trying to disrupt peace, according to reports. While police claimed that he was arrested from Murree Motorway, Ahmed said that he was detained from his house in Rawalpindi. Both Ahmed and Imran Khan...


India, USA on verge of finalising $3 billion deal for deadly MQ-9B Predator drones? Watch latest update2/1/2023

Amid regular border aggression by China, and the persisting threat of terrorism from Pakistan, India and America are reportedly moving ahead to conclude a $3 billion deal for MQ-9B Predator drones. While negotiations have been going on for 5 years, "the ball is now in India's court", according to officials quoted by news agency PTI. The officials added that there was no bureaucratic hurdle or regulatory issue holding up the deal. India is reportedly interested in buying 30 units of the armed...


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