Héctor Morales (EME): "No resident of Teulada Moraira will have to leave the municipality for work or housing reasons" (2023)

EME (Party for a State of Equitable Improvement) is one of the new formations of Teulada Moraira for these municipal elections that is presented under the umbrella of Demòcrates Valencians. Its candidate for mayor of the town is Héctor Morales Puigcerver, who previously belonged to the PSPV-PSOE until he and another former socialist councilor supported the vote of no confidence of the Popular Party to withdraw the mayoralty of Rosa Vila (Compromís) in the middle of the legislature, in 2021.

Morales assures that his candidacy with EME comes to Teulada Moraira with a "fresh and renewed vision" and with experience "after having been part of the government team." From LaMarinaAlta.com We spoke to him so that he could tell us a little more about his plans for the municipality in the coming years.

Héctor Morales Puigcerver, candidate for Mayor of Teulada Moraira for the EME formation

ASK. Why do you think the residents of Teulada Moraira have to vote for you to be the mayor of their municipality for the next 4 years?

ANSWER. The operation of the Local Administration is not learned in a day. Contributing management experience is important and citizens value it. In my case, having been a councilor for 8 years, four in opposition and 4 as part of the government team, as first deputy mayor and member of the Governing Board, with powers such as works, urban planning, infrastructure, contracting, cycle water and public service TEUMO, as well as CEO, the neighbors know me well and know what I can contribute.

Q. You have been in government for the last four years, how do you assess the work done in the two stages?

R. I have focused on carrying out the tasks that were entrusted to me in both stages, with no more problems than those that derive from the day-to-day life of a somewhat complex town hall, with its two urban centers, an extensive spread, with more than 11.000 houses.

P. HOUSING. What do you propose to facilitate access to housing for the youngest and people with low incomes?

R. This is a crucial and priority issue. Relatively low wages, high house prices and rising interest rates make it dramatically difficult to buy a flat. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to increase the offer of VPO, whose price is more than 30% cheaper than free housing.

Since 1990, 30 years ago, no VPO home has been built in Teulada Moraira. The Local, Autonomous and Central administrations have to coordinate to achieve this objective and make public land available for VPO construction.

It is necessary to create a public rental system for young people and low-income people. With assumable and annual rents. And I want to add that we are talking about a pressing problem that should not remain in another electoral promise. We will tackle this issue as soon as we reach the government. No resident of Teulada Moraira will have to leave the municipality for work or housing reasons.

Q. TOURISM. What tourism model do you want for Teulada Moraira?

R. The ideal tourism model itself does not exist in the world. It depends on the training of the client, tourist or consumer. For example, for tourists under 25 years of age, the ideal would be a destination like Las Vegas, but instead of casinos, discos. For a millennial person, culture represents a strong percentage of their tourist ideal. For retirees or the elderly, peace of mind is their great challenge. Therefore, the ideal tourist is one who is respectful of the environment, the territory, the landscape. In other words, sustainable tourism that is respectful of the landscape.

A tourism not based only on the offer of sun and beach. This model is no longer a panacea. Especially millennials, between 25 and 45 years old, seek new experiences in culture, contact with nature, local customs, history and local customs.

We are committed to a "localist" tourism, capable of appreciating the differentiating elements of the Teulada Moraira destination. A tourism capable of integrating into the local idiosyncrasy, culture and customs.

Q. TRANSPORTS. Do you think that Teulada Moraira is a municipality with good urban public transport?

R. No, for this reason we will extend the public transport service to the whole year and we will reach more areas, through the increase of stops, such as urbanizations, commercial areas, health centers, schools, among others.

EME team for municipalities

Q. INFRASTRUCTURES. What infrastructures do you consider to be most necessary for your municipality?

R. A medium-term investment plan is urgently needed to undertake the renovation of the high networks, which are obsolete. The issue of water in Teulada Moraira must be at the center of the political debate. It must be the central axis of our priorities.

Also a diversion from the Sorts ravine through the creation of a floodable park, with artificial lakes. It will consist of a huge green lung, and will increase the number of parking spaces and gardens. You are behind the Senieta.

Organize and execute the sewerage Master Plan for the entire municipality, by phases and priorities. As well as the reuse of treated and rainwater. Revitalize Avenida Mediterráneo by humanizing it, with the construction of mini-roundabouts and build a roundabout on Camí de la Camarrocha to facilitate access to the Les Sorts car park.

On the other hand, the feasibility studies of the roundabouts will allow the urban area of ​​Teulada to grow in sustainability, gardens, less noise and more commerce, with two roundabouts, one north and one south. The north will give direct access to the Auditorium, through greenways, pedestrians, cyclists and large gardens. We also see it as necessary to apply for a subsidy to install free Wi-Fi 4 EU in the central squares of the municipality.

Our commitment is also to 0 architectural barriers by 2027, and to develop the Universal accessibility plan in phases and priorities. In addition to the Sustainable Urban Mobility plan, making the town much more pedestrian friendly.

We will start the procedures immediately to directly manage drinking water. Becoming a public management both high and low. We will take a walk-viewpoint above the breakwater of the Yacht Club, from the Brotherhood to the lighthouse, with a wooden platform or similar. And we will renovate all the playgrounds, also installing shades and water playgrounds.

Q. SOCIAL SERVICES. How do you think the Social Services of Teulada Moraira should improve?

R. One of the important things is to give direct rental subsidies to people in need, just like trade bonds are subsidized. Help the elderly who suffer from the technological gap. For this, well-endowed social services are necessary, which expand services, especially to families and the elderly.

Q. URBAN PLANNING. How should the urban future of Teulada Moraira be? What measures do you propose in this matter?

R. Our proposals in this field are various. Continue with the expansion of the roads that connect Teulada and Moraira. Continue with the lighting program for urbanizations and the cleaning of municipal green areas and ravines. Non-aggressively widen the path of Abiar Alta and Pouet del Moro so that two cars can pass, facilitating walking, with trees and spaces for pedestrians.

We believe it is necessary to urge the Teulada-Benitatxell water consortium to execute an investment plan for the renewal of pipes. Continue with the development and execution of the recently approved urban agenda master plan. It is a strategy that will make our municipality more sustainable, more egalitarian and more prosperous.

With the Universal Accessibility Plan and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, we must continue with their planned execution. Improve the mobility of the elderly, people with disabilities and children.

End all the works started. Invest 1.000.000 euros per year in new sanitation networks. Finalize all pending point modifications. Continue with the processing of the specific modification of the CV that will provide tertiary use, compatible with residential on both sides of it, managing to favor the implementation of hotel use. And, finally, start the procedures for the drafting of a new general plan.

Q. If we talk about post-electoral pacts, with whom would you feel comfortable to govern?

R. It does not seem serious or respectful to me to talk about pacts until the citizens have spoken at the polls on May 28.

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