Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (2022)

Genshin Impact, set in the mythical world of Teyvat is an ever-growing game with new regions, characters, and other content keeping the game fresh. With Teyvat being divided into seven regions, miHoYo has added Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Enkanomiya as the four places to visit, right now. The game is jam-packed with activities and beautiful locations to check out. Here are 10 locations in Genshin Impact where players will have a good time, pleasing their eyes with immense beauty.

Table Of Contents

  1. 10. Wangshu Inn
  2. 9. Chinju Forest
  3. 8. Watatsumi Island
  4. 7. Liyue Harbor
  5. 6. Qingce Village
  6. 5. Windrise
  7. 4. Luhua Pool
  8. 3. Dragonspine
  9. 2. Mondstadt City
  10. 1. Inazuma City
  11. The Dwelling in Clouds

Top 10 beautiful locations in Genshin Impact

10. Wangshu Inn

The inn that stands at the southern end of Dihua Marsh seems to serve as something other than a resting place for guests. They say that Wangshu Inn is a haven for lovers’ moonlit rendezvous. Folk stories also have it that even ones as august as the Adepti sometimes bask in the moonlight here.”

Wangshu Inn, located south of Dihua Marsh in Liyue’s Qiongji Estuary, is a landmark as well as a rest stop. Verr Goldet and Huai’an are in charge. The majority of the people who stay here are traveling merchants. Mt. Qingce and Jueyunjian may be seen from their rooms. The sights are very magnificent. On their journey to the city, most players will pass by it.

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The inn has a unique location, surrounded by a marsh full of treasure. Climbing to the summit provides a unique perspective and a magnificent view of the surrounding region, making it one of all the beautiful locations in Genshin Impact. There will also be many tasks centered around the inn, as well as several daily requests centered around its repair. Xiao, the last Yaksha, considers it an important site.

9. Chinju Forest

“Legend has it that in the past, this sacred forest was once home to many demons. To this day, the legend of the “Hayashi of Tanuki” still surrounds this tranquil woodland.”

Chinju Forest is a fascinating place on Inazuma’s main island, despite its diabolical description. Players can stroll all day in the forest because of the brilliant, neon flowers and the practically constant nighttime ambiance. Of course, as the journey progresses from Inazuma City, the scenery becomes more and more lovely, culminating at the exquisite Kamisato Estate.

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Bake-Danuki is a type of tanuki, that may be found in Inazuma. They wear a leaf on their heads and carry a sack around their neck, which can also be seen here. Ioroi, their leader, is imprisoned within a gigantic monument in Chinju Forest. They were just included in an event forthe Version 2.4 update, and we expect to see many more in the future. After all, who doesn’t enjoy Bake-Danuki’s company.

This is also the forest where Ayaka performed her memorable dance, and it will likely remain one of the game’s most iconic locations evenwhen new areas are introduced.

8. Watatsumi Island

On the other end of Narukami Island, there is the location of Inazuma’s Watatsumi Island. As a consequence of their seclusion from the large metropolis, the people of the island have established their sub-culture. The atmosphere of the area is part of what distinguishes it.

Sango Pearls, an ascension material for Sangonomiya Kokomi, can only be found on Watatsumi. As the resistance base is located on the island, it is the epicenter of the first Raiden quest. It is found above Enkanomiya, where the current campaign ishappening.

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Sangonomiya Shrine, located in Watatsumi island, is a picturesque place with gigantic seashells. It is simple to take great shots here. There are even floating bubbles in the air, to add to the ethereal atmosphere, which contributes to its place in the top beautiful locations in Genshin Impact. Players may either get up and personalize with the shrine or enjoy a breathtaking view from the cliffs on the opposite side. In any case, the location makes for a great photo backdrop.

7. Liyue Harbor

“A prosperous port city where a thousand ships drop anchor. Under the aegis of countless contracts and regulations, innumerable goods change hands and grace the seven nations with their presence.”

The most prominent city in Liyue, Liyue Harbor, has a lot to offer visitors. Feiyun Slope is home to magnificent shops, whereas Chihu Rock is home to busy nightlife. Yujing Terrace is home to affluent homes, and so on. The city is even more gorgeous at night, as one might expect, and the best way to observe it is from afar. The cliffs to the north and south of the city provide excellent views.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (4)

There are some wonderful quests to perform as well as new delicacies to acquire that can assist in warfare. There is also a book store in Liyue where you may learn a lot more about the globe. The Lantern Rite is also located here, and it transforms the city at night, making it one of the most attractive places.

6. Qingce Village

“Mighty Mt. Qingce gently cradles this peaceful village, silently protecting the old, the young, and the abundant croplands within its embrace. The legend of the ancient threat subdued beneath the mountain has been consigned to legend along with those who know of it, never again to return.”

Qingce village is a remote village in Liyue’s Bishui Plain. It is a little community filled with grandparents and their grandchildren. Typically, the constructions are made of wood and have a simple design. Here players will find a mill, a tea store, and a market. The terraces of Qingce Village, on the other hand, are the most gorgeous, which takes its rightful position in the most beautiful locations in Genshin Impact.

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The village is easy to navigate, offers a wide range of culinary options, and is bordered by plant fields, including the rare Glaze Lily. The village is quickly accessible after entering Liyue and is devoid of challenging enemies. It makes traversing and genuinely seeing Teyvat’s beauty much comfortable.

5. Windrise

“This plain bathes in an everlasting breeze. An ancient, monumental tree left behind by an ancient heroine speaks softly amidst the winds.”

The area where Vennessa ascended to Celestia,Windriseislocated near Mondstadt on Galesong Hill. This is where the Falcon of the West of the Four Winds became a god. A massive oak tree now stands in the center, towering over the space and swaying in the breeze. A Statue of The Seven stands at the foot, shielded by the tree’s shadow.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (6)

Windrise is a beautiful spot in Mondstadt, with a large tree in the middle of the lake. Not only do the gamers like it, but so do the in-game characters, as both Venti and Jean have been seen under the tree pondering major issues.

There’s even a Statue of The Seven beneath the tree, making it simple to teleport there. Several little puzzles, as well as wild animals, may be found in the vicinity of the tree. While being surrounded by natural beauty, players must gather helpful resources.

4. Luhua Pool

“Legend has it that a deep, pure affection filled this ancient garden, creating the Luhua Pool as it is known today.”

The Luhua Pool may be found along the Qiongji Estuary in Liyue. It is hidden and undisturbed between the Bishui River and Mt. Tianheng. The water is mineral-rich to the point that it seems smooth and crystal clear. Because of the peculiar structure that holds the deep blue water, this place is at times, is referred to as a garden. Even an artist can be seen nearby, having come to paint the scene, because of its widespread beauty.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (7)

The Luhua Pool is another fantastic spot to collect riches and gather ingredients, with an unlocked domain to boot. It is one of the most distinctive and beautiful farming areas in the game, making its well-deserved presence in the most beautiful locations in Genshin Impact.

3. Dragonspine

“Everything was proceeding smoothly until the unexpected happened… If not for Sucrose, no one would have known that Albedo is hiding a great secret — one that involves a mysterious unknown sword and a mountain entombed in ice for millennia…”

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On the south of Mondstadt, there is a hilly region known as Dragonspine. A snowstorm is constantly raging here, and the snow never melts. It is regarded as one of Teyvat’s most deadly locations, with its freezing temperatures and poisonous, savage beasts. Dragonspine is also home to the struggle between the dragons Durin and Dvalin, as well as the power of the Festering Desire sword.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (8)

The game’s Dragonspine is a snowy location where you must contend with an ever-increasing cold meter. But don’t be scared off by this meter; it’s rather straightforward to work with and well worth the effort. All you have to do is stand near a heated Seelie or a lighted brazier. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a pyro character to relight any fires.

Every frost-covered area of Dragonspine hides a plethora of unique missions and treasures. There are additional riddles and other mechanics in the region that aren’t found in Liyue or the rest of Mondstadt. Not only that, but the peak has one of Genshin Impact’s greatest views.

2. Mondstadt City

“The wind will carry Dandelion Seeds, songs, and stories far afield, and it also guides gentle Travelers to its realm. Welcome to Mondstadt.”

Mondstadt has become their in-game home for the majority of gamers. Many people overlook the natural beauty of the first location in the narrative, which has a pleasant ambiance, both inside and from afar.

A stroll through the cobblestone streets, filled to the brim with melodies and familiar noises, is a relaxing experience. Furthermore, the city’s lights and structures are a stunning sight from afar. The following are some of the greatest places to see the city:

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (9)
  • The hills just to the south near the Whispering Woods
  • The Stormbearer Mountains
  • Stormterror’s Lair

It is also the site of the Windblume Festival. The location is one of our favorites because of the memories and enjoyable experience it provides, as well as its role in piquing our interest in Genshin.

1. Inazuma City

“The outskirts of Inazuma City exude a time-worn and leisurely atmosphere as you make your way up the old paths. It seems that the prosperity of the city has not influenced the scenery here. The power and grace of the Shogun can also be observed here, bringing a quiet and different kind of vitality.”

The geography archive’s description of Inazuma‘s capital city does the location justice to an extent. The combination of gorgeous cherry blossoms and expansive architecture creates a sense of profound awe, which makes it one of the top locations in Teyvat.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (10)
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Walking around the various establishments, such as Yae Publishing and the Komore Teahouse, gives you a sense of the city’s hustle and bustle. With cherry blossoms lining the streets, though, nature never feels too far away, providing the best of both worlds.

Honourable mention

The Dwelling in Clouds

“Black clouds too shall pass, just as silver linings end. Come sun or rain, all seem the same from the heights of Jueyun Karst.”

Above the summit Qingyun Peak, there is a little floating island that can be accessed by completing a challenge. If the player accepts the quest An Adeptal Summons, they will travel to the Cloud Retainer and acquire blueprints for her from the Dwelling in the Clouds.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 most beautiful locations to visit in Teyvat (11)

To elaborate, an Adeptus is a magical entity or deity of Liyue, and the Cloud Retainer is one. Although not being included in the top 10 best locations in Genshin Impact, the view above should entice the players into visiting this place.

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Do you suggest any other location which we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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What nations can you visit in Genshin Impact? ›

Currently, there are four nations playable in Genshin Impact: Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru.

How many countries are in Teyvat? ›

The continent of Teyvat makes up the game world of Genshin Impact. It's made up of seven major nations, each ruled by an Archon and governed by a unique ideal.

Is Snezhnaya Russian? ›

"Snezhnaya" (Russian: Снежная Snezhnaya, "Snowy") is a Russian adjective for "snowy," expecting a feminine noun to follow.

Is Genshin Impact good for couples? ›

As Genshin Impact is one of the most popular open-world action-adventure RPGs with a large cast of cheerful and likable characters, it sure seems obvious that it should have many romance options, but unfortunately, that's not the case! Genshin Impact does not have any romance options.

How many Liyue characters are there? ›

There are 460 NPCs who appear in Liyue: "The Qingce Kid"

What Archon quest is Inazuma? ›

To unlock Inazuma, you must complete the first part of "Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.". You must also be Adventurer Rank 30.

Why is it always dark in chinju forest? ›

Chinju Forest (Japanese: 鎮守の森 Chinshu no Mori) is a subarea in Narukami Island, Inazuma. Chinju Forest is a unique location in Teyvat, as it always appears to be in an eternal night. The sun doesn't rise or set in Chinju Forest for an unknown reason.

Is Natlan based on Philippines? ›

What country is Natlan based on in Genshin Impact? It seems that Natlan is inspired by Indigenous America. It also appears to have additional influences from Spanish and West African cultures.

Is Natlan based on India? ›

Inazuma is inspired by Japan, Sumeru is probably inspired by Egypt, Fontaine is probably inspired by France, Natlan might be inspired by Indigenous America, and Snezhnaya is probably inspired by Russia.

Is Sumeru based on India or Egypt? ›

7/8 Sumeru Is Based On South Asia

Mondstadt is based on Germany, Liyue on China, and Inazuma on Edo-period Japan. On the other hand, Sumeru will be a melting pot of different South Asian and Middle Eastern influences.

Is Sumeru based on Egypt? ›

Sumeru, the next region, appears to be based on a mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian culture.

Which country is Khaenri Ah based on? ›

Norwegian/Norse definitely.

Is Snezhnaya a Dragonspine? ›

Snezhnaya is one of the seven nations of Teyvat, characterized by snowscapes that are reminiscent of Dragonspine. However, while the winter can be quelled in the latter, blizzards are said to rage for up to a month straight in Snezhnaya.

Who cursed Khaenri ah? ›

— Dainsleif

Khaenri'ah is a mysterious nation outside of the mainland of Teyvat where the Seven do not reign. 500 years prior, the work of an alchemist named Gold unleashed a terrible curse on its people that transformed those afflicted into monsters.

Who is the Pyro Archon? ›

Murata is the Archon of Pyro and the God of War in Genshin Impact. She reigns over the land of Natlan as a god of battle, and the people of this country follow suit. Players can learn more about this Archon here.

Who destroyed Khaenri ah? ›

Khaenri'ah is most known for its role in the cataclysm 500 years ago. During this time, monsters created by the alchemist Rhinedottir, also known as "Gold," poured out from Khaenri'ah to invade Teyvat, and Khaenri'ah was eventually destroyed by Celestia and the gods.

What is Mondstadt known for? ›

It is the city-state that worships Barbatos, the Anemo Archon. Ever since the beginning, Mondstadt has celebrated a festival called the Ludi Harpastum every year, with 15 days of games for the children to enjoy.

Why is it always dark in chinju forest? ›

Chinju Forest (Japanese: 鎮守の森 Chinshu no Mori) is a subarea in Narukami Island, Inazuma. Chinju Forest is a unique location in Teyvat, as it always appears to be in an eternal night. The sun doesn't rise or set in Chinju Forest for an unknown reason.

Where is Inazuma city located? ›

Inazuma City is a Subarea and a Main City located in Narukami Island, Inazuma.

Where is Mondstadt located? ›

Located in the west part of Starfell Valley on a large island in Cider Lake, Mondstadt features cobblestone streets and several windmills surrounded by a large stone castle wall on the east lower end. A statue of the Anemo Archon watches over the city, with the Favonius Cathedral in the back.


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