10 Sailor Moon Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink (2023)

Sailor Moonis a franchise that managed to capture the hearts of fans everywhere almost thirty years ago, and it's never quite left them either, despite how much time has passed. There are many ways fans can choose to show their love for something, including fan-art, fan-fiction, cosplay, covers of the show's soundtrack, and much more, but nothing seems quite as permanent and meaningful as what we're going to be looking at today: fan tattoos! From Usagi to Luna to the Silver Crystal and more, there's no shortage of choices and ways to get creative.

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Today, we'll be diving into tenSailor Moontattoos to inspire your next ink. They've already inspired a few of ours!


10 Guardian And Her Cat

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This tattoo is the gorgeous work of Numi at LTW Tattoo.Framed inside a wonderful heart border, Usagi is seen hugging Luna while donning an adorably cozy pink sweater. The blue sky background is a lovely touch that finishes off the piece, along with the shining stars that can be spotted. It's a great, creative way to fill the rest of the space! Both the linework and coloring are top-notch and it really makes us want a similar style.

We know the cherry blossoms at the bottom are part of a different tattoo, but the two still complement each other nicely.

9 Pink-Accented Moon

Next up, we have another Usagi and Luna tattoo, this one featuring the pretty guardian from the waist-up, transformed with Luna at her side and her transformation heart gracefully decorating the bottom. The coloring on this one is simply gorgeous, and, though the entire tattoo is pretty eye-catching, Sailor Moon's ocean eyes still immediately grab the eye. The moon behind her and her typically-white accessories, such as the moon on the staff she's holding and the little accents in her hair, are instead a pretty pastel pink.

We also can't help but respect the size of the tattoo, too, and it certainly doesn't waste a single inch of space!

8 Dark Usagi

This next take on Usagi certainly isn't your typicalSailor Moontattoo, but that's also why we love it so much! Fittingly titled "Dark Usagi," this rendition of the Pretty Guardian is much darker, almost resembling an eldritch-type horror. Small stars, a moon, and even a planet can be seen orbiting around the sailor's jet-black hair, all lifted up by some mysterious and presumably evil source.

We love how the bottom still features her classic, pure-looking guardian design, as if all of her is slowly being corrupted from the top-down.

7 A Leg For Each Cat

The idea of complimenting tattoos on each leg like this is something that we personally hadn't thought of but now are a little too eager to try! Here we have Luna on one leg and Artemis on the other! The lineart looks great, and the coloring is spot-on, really looking right out of the show.

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These tattoos would actually be a wonderful compliment to something like a casual Usagi cosplay! The knee-high socks and pastel pink sneakers already seem like something right out of her wardrobe, after all, and the tattoos would surely get tons of attention.

6 Senshi Sleeves

Though the feature for this one is another Usagi, don't be fooled! Clicking through the arrows will grant you equally beautiful sleeves for Minako, Setsuna, Haruka, Hotaru, and then smaller tattoos for Usagi's heart transformation brooch and Artemis—who's arguably the cutest of the whole bunch! Just one look through this gallery could fuel the fire of a first tattoo for anySailor Moonfan.

Trust us, we've never wanted a magical girl sleeve more than this moment.

5 Saturn In Monochrome

What else is there to say about this stunning Sailor Saturn tattoo other than we simply love it? Sailor Pluto has always been complimented in darker colors, so a monochromatic look like this makes sense for her and suits her better than a pastel, full-color piece like some others we've seen on this list. The tiny bit of coloring added is handled wonderfully, drawing viewers into the eyes and then naturally to everything around them.

We're incredibly impressed knowing that this was done by a tattoo apprentice. We'd have thought it was a long-time professional!

4 Moon Kaleidoscope

Next up, we have an adorable tattoo of the Moon Kaleidoscope, a weapon wielded by Sailor Moon said to grant her dream and moon-like abilities, certainly fitting for the princess of the moon itself. It features an adorable pink palette, accented with gold and cream, as well as a white outline that helps to make the whole design pop. The sparkles and multi-colored dots that surround it really finish it off!

Now that we think about it, a sleeve of just pink magical girl weapons would be heavenly.

3 Yin and Yang

Yin and yang have always been a fairly popular style of tattoo, and it's always wonderful getting to see people have their own creative takes on it! In this rendition of the classic symbol, we have a sleeping Artemis and Luna curled up together to make yin and yang, and we can't get enough of it! The sparkly hearts on both of them are such a lovely touch, too, and the tips of their tails even have the other's color!

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Needless to say, this is a heart-melting tattoo, and it certainly could be even to those unfamiliar with the series.

2 Mercury's Sweet Tooth

Next up, we have a super sweet Sailor Mercury tattoo! She can be seen posing adorably atop a frosted donut adorned with all kinds of sprinkles, though we can't help but wonder how bad pink frosting must stain a sailor uniform...

Mercury's expression and pose here are just darling, and show off a rather cute side of her personality. The bubbles that float around her are a great touch, as well, and everything is colored to perfection. Now we'd love to see a line of all of the Sailor Scouts themed around sweets!

1 Moon Prism Power, Make-Up

Last up on our list has to be one of the most beautifully colored tattoos we've ever seen! This tattoo captures Usagi right at the beginning of her usual magical girl transformation and all of the gorgeous pastel-rainbow effects that come with it. A gorgeous dark moon adorned with two shining stars lights up the background, while the bottom is garnished with the Silver Crystal and a rose at each of its sides.

The one thing we can't help but notice is that, unfortunately, Usagi's expression here seems somewhat sad for some reason. We just hope all of her loved ones, along with the galaxy, are safe!

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